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Expansion Reservoir

Modular Add-On Greywater Storage

The GreyLink expansion reservoir units provides expanded greywater storage, in addition to the built-in storage of the MDL and HDL GreyLink Greywater Processors. There is no limit to the number of add-on reservoirs that can be attached to either the MDL or HDL GreyLink Greywater Processors.

MDL Series Add-On Greywater Reservoir

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(2 are included in MDL System)

MDL Series Expansion Reservoir

Price: $389.00
Model: STS-40

Storage Capacity: 40 Gallons


1 Expansion Reservoir Connection Fittings: $179.00
Model: RC-44LL


2 Expansion Reservoir Connection Fittings: $269.99

Model: RC-44LTL

Space Saving Design

The MDL series add-on reservoir is designed to "nest" on either side of the GreyLink Greywater Processor, and with each, other allowing for the units to fit into compact spaces beneath the landscape.

Expansion Reservoir

GreyLink Greywater Processor

U.S. Patent:
8,961,782 B2

HDL Expansion Reservoir

HDL Series Expansion Reservoir

Price: $1,499.00
Model: STL-165

Storage Capacity: 165 Gallons

Connection Fittings and Air Vent Included

Amazing Strength

GreyLink HDL series expansion reservoir is manufactured to meet the demands of both residential and commercial installations. The reinforced top allows the units to accommodate placement under ground cover, lawn, walkways or beside driveways where occasional vehicular traffic might be encountered.


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GreyLink Greywater Processor

Expansion Reservoir

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