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GreyLink AirCard

Remote Control and Monitoring of the GreyLink Irrigation System

GreyLink + SmartLink

The GreyLink system utilizes the Weathermatic SmartLink network to deliver advanced remote control and detailed irrigation reporting.

Affordable Web-Based Control.

Reliable Connections.

Cloud Back-up.

Unlimited data and users for

pennies a day.

Cellular networks provide

connection stability.

Retains time, date and program

and does not require batteries.

Complies with city ordinances.

Mobile Access.

Simple Set-Up.

Reports & Alerts.

Available on tablets or

smartphones. Change a site’s

program even when not present at the installation site.

Web-based programming for quick

compliance with water restrictions

to avoid costly fines.

Know before they do. Receive

instant alerts via email. Web-based

reporting provides historical flow and weather data.


Automatic Updates.

Unlimited Sites.

Labor Saver

New features are automatically

added as they become available.

Manage multiple

controllers from anywhere.

One huge benefit of SmartLink

is eliminating the need to send

someone physically to a property.

No gas required.

Choose Your Network

The AirCard operates is available for both Verizon and AT&T. 3 Years are included free of charge.  Service beyond the included period is billed at an annual rate. Please contact us for pricing on service plans.

Note: The AirCard is optional and not required for GreyLink to function. If an AirCard is not installed, remote system control and reporting will not be available.

GreyLink Control Center

The SmartLine AirCard is located in the GreyLink control center.  More >

Smart Greywater Irrigation Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? GreyLink Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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