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GreyLink Control Center

Electronic controls for the GreyLink System

The GreyLink control center provides direction for the electronic components within the GreyLink irrigation system.




Enables cloud-based control and water usage reporting for the irrigation system from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Weather Station

Provides weather control for the greywater diversion valve.

Auto-fill Controller

Provides control for the potable water / rainwater auto-fill.

Irrigation System Panel

Greywater Diversion Panel

Weather Station

Provides weather control for the irrigation.

 Irrigation Controller

Provides scheduling and zone operation for the irrigation system.

Junction Boxes

Provides power for the GreyLink control center.

Weather Station Transformer and Receiver

Provides power and control to the greywater diversion rain sensor.

Diversion Valve Control

Provides control for the 3-way greywater diversion valve.

Smart Greywater Irrigation Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? GreyLink Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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