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GreyLink Ozone Treatment System

Providing effective greywater treatment

The GreyLink Ozone system provides powerful ozone treatment for both MDL & HDL GreyLink systems.


Components shown below are located inside of the GreyLink Greywater Processor

Ozone Discharge

Ozone Pump

Ozone Generator
(mount on wall)


GreyLink Ozone System

For MDL & HDL Series Systems
Price: $1,760.00
Model: OZ-50

Ozone Output: 50 mg/hour
Ozone Generator Power:
120v, 60hz, 50mA

Ozone Pump Power:
115v, 60hz, 650 watts,  5.5A

Included Components:

1 - 1/2 HP Pump

1 - 115v Ozone Generator

1 - Ozone Discharge Device

1 - Venturi

1 - Outdoor Timer

* All tubing and connection fittings included

** When purchased with the GreyLink system, the ozone system is pre-installed within the GreyLink Greyweater Processor.


Plugs Into Timer

Ozone Intake Line

Effective Greywater Treatment

Although most regional greywater reuse codes do not require any type of  treatment for bacteria or other dissolved compounds, some public-facing projects call for an extended degree of greywater treatment.


Greywater when treated with ozone has been shown to reduce the chemical and biological oxygen demands (Mohamed et al., 2013) by oxidizing bacteria, viruses, molds, and protozoans. Ozone is also known to effectively remove common pollutants found in personal care products such as benzalkonium chloride, tonalide, and nonylphenol by at least 90% (Herna'ndez-leal et al., 2011)


Herna'ndez, Leal, L., Temmink, H., Zeeman, G., & Buisman, C., J.N. 2011. Removal of micro-pollutants from aerobically treated greywater via ozone and activated carbon. Water research, 45, 2887-2896.

Mohamed, R., Kassim, A., Anda, M., & Dallas, S., 2013. A monitoring of environmental effects from household  greywater reuse for garden irrigation. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 185, 8473-8488

Store Greywater for Longer

Because the GreyLink ozone treatment system effectively destroys microorganisms, greywater can be contained longer than if ozone filtration is not present.

*Please refer to your local greywater reuse code for regulations on the maximum greywater storage period.

Combine with UV

The GreyLink ozone treatment system can be combined with the GreyLink UV system to provide two forms of effective microorganism filtration.

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Is your project a little outside of the box? GreyLink Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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