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How it Works

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Greywater is diverted away from the Greywater Processor and back to the sewer during rain and freezing temperatures.
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Greywater Produced

Showers, washing machines and sinks can be connected.

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The GreyLink Greywater Processor removes debris from the greywater in preparation for reuse in drip irrigation.

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The greywater is stored until 
pre-defined irrigation times
each day.

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Stage 1:

Greywater is Produced, Routed, Processed and Contained





Stage 2:

Greywater is Used to Irrigate




Automatic Scheduled Irrigation

Based on a selected irrigation schedule, the GreyLink Greywater Processor's pump is activated and the contained greywater is pumped  into the distribution lines and through the drip emitters.

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Potable Water is Added if Required

If the amount of stored greywater isn't sufficient for irrigation, additional potable water will be automatically added to the system to compensate
for the difference.

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Interactive GreyLink

System Diagram

View an interactive system diagram which provides an overview on how the GreyLink system works.

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System Information And Pricing

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Greywater is Produced

Greywater is produced from a shower, sink, or washing machine. The greywater is routed into the GreyLink Greywater Processor.

Greywater Plumbing

How Much Greywater Does Each Fixture Produce?

The greywater must be plumbed into a line separate from blackwater sources (toilet, kitchen sink). This separate  greywater line must run to the GreyLink Greywater Processor.


The amount of greywater product by each fixture will vary based on personal usage. Approximate usages are as follows (per use):


Sink: .25 / gallon

Shower: 25 gallons

Bathtub: 50 gallons

Washing Machine: 25 gallons

Weather Driven Greywater Routing

The GreyLink system includes an automatic diversion system which will automatically re-route greywater back to the sewer or septic line during rainfall or freezing temperatures. A manual override toggle switch allows for diversion during occasional system maintenance.

Dry Weather:

Greywater is routed to the GreyLInk Greywater Processor

Inclement Weather:

Greywater is diverted back to the sewer or septic line

Automatic Valve Control

All of the electronic controls and weather sensor for the greywater diversion system are located in the GreyLink control center.  More >

Greywater is Processed

Once entering the GreyLink Greywater Processor, the greywater is filtered through the primary 150-mesh filtration system which removes all debris from the greywater in preparation for storage.

Self-Cleaning Filter

The patented self-cleaning primary filter sprays inward on the primary filter, dislodging lint and debris.
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Treatment Options

GreyLink offers both ozone and ultraviolet treatment options.
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U.S. Patent:
8,961,782 B2

GreyLink Greywater Processor

Greywater is Contained

Once the greywater has been filtered, it drops down into the greywater storage reservoir where it will remain until the irrigation system is activated.

Automatic Scheduled Irrigation

Based on a selected irrigation schedule, the GreyLink Greywater Processor's pump is activated and the contained greywater is pumped  through the secondary filter, the activated zone valve and on to the drip emitters.

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Fresh Water is Added if Required

If more water is required to irrigate than what is stored in the reservoir, potable water (or stored rainwater) is automatically added to complete the zone watering as needed.

Potable Water

Stored Rainwater

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Smart Greywater Irrigation Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? GreyLink Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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